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All About Solar Eclipse 2021 (Surya Grahan)

A Solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and the Sun's image is hidden from the Moon. During this event, the Sun, Earth and Moon come in a straight line. Vedic Period and Eclipse: According to Rigveda, Maharishi Atrimuni was the first teacher to give the knowledge of Eclipse. Study, contemplation and testing have been going on since Vedic period. According to the mathematics of Astronomers, only 7 Eclipses are possible in a year. Eclipses to Happen in 2021: According to Astrology, there are going to be two Solar Eclipses and two lunar eclipses in the year 2021. The first of these Eclipses was the Lunar Eclipse, which took place on 26 May. After that, now the first Solar Eclipse of this year is going to happen on 10 June. According to the Panchang, the second Lunar Eclipse of this year will be on November 19 and the second Solar Eclipse will be on December 4. Solar Eclipse,
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Shani Dev: Friend or Enemy?

Shani or Shani Maharaj is perhaps the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology. Dasha’s like Shani Dasha, Shani Dhaiya or Shani Shade Sati are connected with Shani or Saturn. Also, as individuals are afraid of the planet so much, a few astrologer utilize his name just to cause fear in brain of common people. They endorse all strange cures with the guarantee that such cures will minimize Shani’s unsafe impacts on one. In any case, every last bit of it is only a delusion. Lord Shani Shani Dev Image The Hindu God, Shani, is a mighty god accepted to avoid hard times and eliminate problems. Shani is the master of the planet Saturn, and is praised on Saturday, which in a real sense implies Saturn Day. The word Shani, otherwise called Shanaishchar, in a real sense implies the person who moves gradually and thinking about that Saturn requires around thirty years to revolve around the Sun, the name is an able one for the ruler of the planet. Shani is likewise known by numerous different names lik

Can astrology really predict your future?

  First please understand that Astrology is a science which studies the situation of the celestial bodies, which is said to have an effect in our lives and is used to predict the future. Astrology has happened since ancient times and several cultures but a common attribute is that all of these systems use the direction of the stars to predict the future. Every person has the interest to know about his/her future, zodiac signs, future difficulties, etc. mostly when it’s about something new or something that tempers their interest. According to some expert Astrologers, the science of calculating the future is said to be a very difficult task to do, but with the help of Vedic Astrology , predicting the future becomes easy. It is the most precise way to know about your horoscope and future study in order to get the best solution to your problem. If Astrology has not been proven to work – so why do so many people believe that it really does? At the same time most people reading this articl

Mercury’s Impact Over Zodiac Signs

Mercury: Prince of All Planets Mercury is a marker of knowledge, trade, instruction, books, humor, researchers, criminals and astrologers. Vedic sage Parasara depicts him; “Mercury is enriched with an alluring constitution and the ability to utilize words with numerous implications. He is attached to jokes…”.The planet likewise reflects the family undertakings throughout everyday life. It is identified with significant serenity, income, keenness, schooling and business, in the event that it is great. Mercury in Vedic astrology is also called “BUDH”, the stirred separating keenness and the piece of us that knows. Mercury is benefice whenever related with spiritualty planets, and malefic is related with malefic planets. He is known as Prince of all planets, or ruler of the planets. Mercury in Different Zodiac Signs When Mercury is in the  Aries horoscope , native has thin body, is learned, affectionate, writer and teacher. There is a lot of interest in singing and dancing. Native is a po

Jupiter’s Impact Over Zodiac Signs

Jupiter : Guru of all Planets The planet Brihaspati is perhaps the best planets in the birth graph and hostile to the planet Venus. The Jupiter is firmly associated with the children and abundance. That is the reason it is known as the significator of the kids and riches. At the point when the planet Jupiter is solid, the person is probably going to be honored with kids, wealth, cash and profound achievement. Be that as it may, the Jupiter can unfavorably affect our life. The person could be without kids and wealth. The individual probably won’t get regard and honor in the general public. Jupiter in Different Zodiac Signs If Jupiter is in  Aries  in the horoscope, then such a person of fickle nature, doing famous works, talented, strong, skilful in debating, collecting gemstones in wealth by money and force, lively, is a man of many enemies, a spendthrift and a fiery punisher. Being Jupiter in  Taurus  zodiac, respecting the God-Brahmin and Guru, fond of good attire, attached to his la

Consequences of Sun in Zodiac Signs

According to Hinduism, Sun is also called as RAVI, or SURYA. He is viewed as harm causing in light of the hot, dry in nature. The Sun manages the Sign of Leo. He is magnified in the Aries sign, and he is in his fall in the Libra zodiac. The Sun is known as the ATMAKARAKA. This comes from the Sanskrit ATMA meaning soul, and KARAKA meaning marker. As “marker of the spirit” the Sun is the supplier of life. The Sun is the pointer of the dad, our sense of self, praises, status, popularity, the heart, the eyes, general imperativeness, regard and force. The Sun is in his most grounded situation straightforwardly overhead in the tenth House. Sun’s Impact over Zodiac Signs If Sun is in  Aries  horoscope, the person is warlike and fierce. He is a lover of all the arts and is adept at teaching. The bones of such natives are strong, but engaged in the works of courage, have blood and biliary disorders. If the Sun exalts (up to the tenth degrees) then such a person is a king. Note: Today, the word

How Astrology help in one’s career growth?

  Our beliefs play a significant role in our life. Some trust in myths and some in science, but some people believe in astrology. If you believe in God, then this blog is for you. Astrology can also help you with an excellent career opportunity or a dream job you have been trying to get but aren’t successful. If you believe in astrology and want to know how it helps in career growth, read more. Astrology is an ancient science, and in the long year of history, it has evolved and become more accurate and useful. Our ancestors benefit a lot by applying Astro into day-to-day life.  This science is mistaken as only related to Hindu methodology, but every religion has some semblance about celestial bodies. So, it has better acceptance.  In astrology every mantra has its significance, and it works in keeping the mind, body, and soul in one direction. It makes you concentrate more on the work at hand, thus better career prospects. These thousand-year-old mantras are powerful and depict tremend