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The planet Venus i s unaffected by the origins of the gr i zzly of t he s ame name though : Venus is simply a passionate romantic who loves to mak e love. I n your na t al chart, Venus d o minat es courtship , worship, and personal hobbie s and aesthetics. Venus represents your worth , including your relationship with your finances and phys i c al a sse t s. This planet deal s with all t h e joy s, so Venus just sit back , relax, and get what it wants. Ye s, folks, Venus is ha ving a good life - this celestial body is all a luxury. Impact over Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo Zodiac Sign If Venus is in Aries at the time of birth then the native is a doubtful lust, indulgent in kidnapping another woman, jealous, wandering in the forest, prostitute, faithless, tough-tempered, commander and grammarian. If there is Venus in Taurus at the time of birth, then the native is a farmer, who makes a living from serving cows i.e. milkman,
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Know why Tulsi is not Offered in the worship of Ganesh Ji

 According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu, Rama and Krishna are pleased by offering Tulsi ji to Lord Vishnu and accept the prasad. But the use of Tulsi in Ganesha's bhog is forbidden. Lord Ganesha gets angry by offering Tulsi to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha and Tulsi - Story It is believed that Wednesday is completely dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Worshiping Lord Ganesha on this day fulfills all the wishes. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is worshiped first in Hinduism. Lord Ganesha is worshiped before doing any auspicious work. Lord Ganesha takes away all the troubles and obstacles of his devotees, hence he is also called by the name of Vighnaharta. But do you know why it is considered taboo to use Tulsi in the worship of Lord Ganesha, let us know the reason behind it. Why Tulsi is not offered in the worship of Ganesh ji? According to mythology, Tulsi, the daughter of King Dharmatmaj, went on a pilgrimage with the desire of marriage. During the pilgrimage, Tulsi saw that Gane

Know why Sandalwood Tilak is applied on the Forehead?

Sandalwood is considered very sacred in itself, and it is a tree that provides coolness. Applying tilak of Roli sandalwood is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion. But slowly we are starting to tarnish our identity and our culture. Some people do not apply tilak because of shame, while some people wear sandalwood tilak on the forehead just for hobbies and social show. But in ancient times, when the King Maharaja used to go for war, the elders of the state used to perform his aarti by applying tilak on his forehead and bless him. In Hinduism, apart from applying tilak on the forehead, there is a significance of applying tilak on a total of 12 organs including neck, heart, both sides, navel, back, both armpits etc. The importance of applying tilak on the forehead has been explained in detail in the scriptures. Now even scientists believe that applying tilak has many benefits. Some researchers found out through a research that by applying tilak on the head, the mind gets peace and

Why are Bells installed in Temple, Religious and Scientific Reasons

 The most special thing about India is that people of different religions live together here. Here at one place you will get to hear the sound of bhajan kirtan of the temple, on the other hand you will start your morning by listening to the Nawaz of Majid. In India, you will find temples, majids, gurudwaras, churches, all kinds of religious places. Every religious place has its own rules, however all the rules have to be followed by visiting these places. On one hand, where in the Gurudwara you are asked to keep a cloth on your head, on the other hand you are asked to maintain peace in many places. If we talk about the temple, then you must have noticed that before entering the temple, you first ring the bell or whenever we do worship or aarti in the house, then we definitely ring the bell. Let us tell you that there are both scientific and religious reasons behind ringing the bell. Religious reasons- It is believed that when we enter a temple, a bell is rung to seek the p

Know when Ganga Dussehra is Celebrated? About its auspicious time, importance and method of worship

  Ganga Dussehra - Auspicious Time , Importance and Method of Worship The festival of Ganga Dussehra is mainly a festival of charity. On this special day, things related to heat like sherbet, water and seasonal fruits etc. are donated. On this day one should take a bath in the Ganges and after bathing, aarti and special worship of Goddess Ganga is performed. It is also said that on this day Lord Shri Ram established Shivling in Rameshwaram. According to the Hindu calendar, Ganga Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. Bathing in the Ganges and doing charity on this important day gives many auspicious results. Ganga Dussehra has special significance among those who believe in Sanatan Dharma. Ganga water is considered very important in our Hindu religion. It is used to purify things for performing any kind of ritual. According to the Hindu calendar, Ganga Dussehra is celebrated every year on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month.

Know what the Mount of Venus in your palm says about your life

Importance of Mount of Venus Most of the people think about their future and also want to know it. They want to know what is going to happen in their future life. For this, some know from their horoscope and some are known through their hands. Your palm also tells a lot about your future. Each planet has its respective mountains in the palm. The more you are overcome to win this mountain, the more it is considered better than that.Today we will talk about the place under the thumb which is called Mount of Venus. This mount of Venus which tells us about love, happiness and prosperity. How do Mount of Venus Benefits Us? If the Mount of Venus is raised in the palm of a person, then it is considered very good. Such a person is very kind. They get more success even in less hard work and their life becomes full of happiness and prosperity at a very young age. If the Mount of Venus is more protruding in the palm of a person then that person is sensual. Such a person thinks more abo

All About Solar Eclipse 2021 (Surya Grahan)

A Solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and the Sun's image is hidden from the Moon. During this event, the Sun, Earth and Moon come in a straight line. Vedic Period and Eclipse: According to Rigveda, Maharishi Atrimuni was the first teacher to give the knowledge of Eclipse. Study, contemplation and testing have been going on since Vedic period. According to the mathematics of Astronomers, only 7 Eclipses are possible in a year. Eclipses to Happen in 2021: According to Astrology, there are going to be two Solar Eclipses and two lunar eclipses in the year 2021. The first of these Eclipses was the Lunar Eclipse, which took place on 26 May. After that, now the first Solar Eclipse of this year is going to happen on 10 June. According to the Panchang, the second Lunar Eclipse of this year will be on November 19 and the second Solar Eclipse will be on December 4. Solar Eclipse,